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Products - Pharmaceutical

  • Carton Loading:  Vials and inserts are staged in a dial indexer and loaded into a moving carton machine.  Click here, or on the accompanying image, to watch a video demonstration.
  • IV bag sterilization, date lot & label, print content inspection including packaging of sleeves and palletizing.  More than 64 lines automated for Baxter and Abbott labs.
  • Blood recovery and sterilization projects for Baxter Healthcare's synthetic blood substitute (never FDA approved for sale).

Partial Customer List

  • Abbott Labs
  • Bayer
  • Baxter Healthcare
  • Fugisawa Pharmaceutical
  • Pfizer

IV Bag Handling & Inspection

IV bags are unloaded from sterilizer trays, inspected and loaded into cases for shipment.

Click here to watch a video demonstration.

IV Bag Material Handling & Sleeve Load & Seal

Trays of 50ml IV bags are tracked with a vision system, picked and loaded into a sleeve packing machine.  Best Automation & Robotics has provided automation for IV products from 25ml to 2 liters.


Bottle Inspection & Tray Loading

Various size vials and bottles are received from filling, inspected for date and lot code then packed into process trays.